Wed 9/27/06 budget & tax meeting

You need to be there for BOTH  public hearings on ad valorem taxes and the overall budget!

Call 5 of your neighbors. Take charge for your block. Tell the business owners of places you frequent. It’s important that you email and call in your concerns NOW.

The public hearing I am pretty certain is a final meeting. After the first meeting everyone voted YES to pass as is.

1. Call in your concerns now (see Business property taxes going up 12%)

2. Email your concerns now

3. Attend the meeting and speak out.

If you do nothing, you get what is proposed. So everytime you buy gas, eat at your favorite restaurant, or shop at Publix, you will continue to feel the rising costs in every service and product you buy. And if you are not protected by the homestead exemption, you get the FULL PROPERTY TAX INCREASE EVERY YEAR.  That’s all businesses, rental property and 2nd homes.

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