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property taxes

Lighthouse Point property taxes county comparison 2008

The Sun Sentinel published a report comparing actions by various cities for fees includine fire services and property taxes in 2008. Lighthouse Point shows a 6.5% increase according to this report, while most other cities maintained the same property tax rate per $1,000 of taxable property value.

Full 2008 property tax story.

will property taxes go up with the passing of new amendment

According to the Sun Sentinel, the shortfall in education funds for the new budget will be made up in part by increasing local property taxes.

Did anyone not see this coming?

This amendment was a very poor solution to a very real problem. It will help the housing market move for those who are buying and selling, but the problem is not solved and we must continue to work on fixing the system. Government waste is one of them.

Property taxes- which resolution will you vote for?


There are a number of consumer led initiatives for alternative choices for property tax reform. Everyone I’ve have spoken to believe our legislatures got it wrong with their property tax reform solution.
However, that doesn’t mean they won’t vote for it. The Sun Sentinel has published several related property tax polls here.

I agree the state ballot item is a poor solution as it perpetuates a broken system. I strongly urge you to participate in one of the alternatives by signing a petition for an alternative ballot choice.

Cut Property Taxes Now
Ax The Tax
Florida Ballot Initiative

A full description of each amendment pending can be found on the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Elections,
Florida Property Tax Reform Committee