BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: These links will take you to other sites. Sometimes I may make a few dollars for my kids college fund from these referrals , but I only recommend sites that I think will provide the best value as related to site security, prices, product quality, and customer service.

Florida Solar Energy center – a UCF site. Useful tools and information relevant to Florida, including current Fl solar tax incentives and which systems qualify.

Build your own solar power generator

Really cool products including convert the airplane music headset plug into a laptop charger. has better prices
Alternative Energy Store for discount prices on solar panels, wind turbines and renewable energy equipment for your home.

They have the lowest price for a new Xantrex X1500 Backup Power System at $299 with 1 year warranty as of 9/27/2007. You can turn this into a solar solution for simple back up power to run your fridge and other small appliances, but not your air conditioning.

I also found Xantrex x1500 backup power system remanufactured from $219 with 90 warranty on other sites.

Build a solar power station (popular science) I wanted to bookmark this one because of the wood housing idea, adjusted to the angle desired.

Instructables- how to make your own solar laptop charger
Build your own solar ipod charger

Green for all – Clean energy, green jobs- non-profit ideas and politics site

Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
Searchable database of renewable and efficient energy programs.

See government links for links to energy committees

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