A solar pilot program for Lighthouse Pt FL

Modeled after the City of Berkeley Ca Renewable and Solar Technology project, our own solar project would probably have to start similarly. First we need to establish a Green Assessment District. After gathering enough property owners who want to participate in the program, we’d need to select the first recipients. it’s my idea, so do I get in the first group? Doubtful I’d get picked even though I’d like to participate.

The pilot program should pick from a variety of larger properties. I think it should include residential as well as at least one business. The residences should include both newer and older homes. Why? Because not everyone has a newer home. The older homes are likely to be more inefficient energy users. Essentially we should pick a variety of properties that will have the biggest carbon footprint reduction, forgetting the part about producing solar panels also creates it’s own energy use. The properties should not be all the same style, or with the same elevation or orientation. A variety will provide broader experience and better data to analyze for installation issues and cost benefits.

Here’s what I’d like to add on. Call it a 2 pronged pilot program. One group gets full solar. The second group gets solar pool heating or solar hot water heating. The second group should be vetted as not being prospects for future full solar. Apartment complexes or condos with a community pool might be a good prospect for the pool option.

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