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Review for why I won’t use the online comparison shopping widget by Where2LookOnline. It doesn’t include my own store products! The only products listed apparently are paid ads.

I entered the code and put into a blog post to test. Then I entered Bugatchi shirt, one of the products listed in my store. Up came my competitors, mostly Zappos. At least 1/3 of the items actually were no longer available. Their prices are usually higher than mine, unless they have limited sizes or colors.

I already knew most of the price comparison sites only have paid advertisements. Other sites like dealtime, pricegrabber, they all have the same concept. But how many regular shoppers out there know that? Using the portal to compare prices, won’t necessarily get you the best price. However, on certain items like computers, I do think it makes sense because all the main players are listed there. Not so for tons of other products from apparel to sporting goods.

Final note- skip the widget.
Final note 2- Zappos has many good points, but CEO golf shop customers say that shop at because there are more in stock colors and sizes, and the people are friendly and helpful.

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