What’s my 1960’s vintage barbie and case worth?

My mom saved this and sent it to me when my daughter was little. A few parts have been lost, but we’re still digging to see if we can find them. I always thought it was a Barbie, but now I know it’s Francie. The hangars have Francie’s name. At none time you could hang clothes in the little box area inside the case I think.

The Francie doll has real eyelashes, and brown eyes. It’s a twist and turn doll. The legs can bend into 3 positions. The left leg does not work correctly any more. It’s just a soft bend instead of locking into position. The hair and rest of doll is very nice, assuming it will clean up easy, and I made any attempt to clean it yet. It says made in Japan, 1965 under the head. It has trademark 1966 and made in Japan on rear, It has #21 on left rear. There is no green or stains around ears.

1960's barbie case
Barbie case, 1967?
barbie white vinyly outfit
Barbie white leather outfit

barbie vintage case

barbie hippie outfit 1960's
hippie outfit
1967 barbie outfits
1967 Barbie outfits

francie 1966 trademark

The mannequin set includes the pink mannequin, blue base, dress ready for pretend pattern cut out and another piece of fabric.

White outfit- skirt, pants, (ripped in one spot), and hood, white boots
Green outfit- sweater, skirt, leggings, hat, 1 green boot like shoe.
pyschedelic 2-piece. Still has original thread to keep the 2 parts together.
rain outfit- hat, jacket, shirt, shorts, yellow flat shoes
red francie hangar
orange francie hangar
stripe bathing suit, 1 piece
black plaid dress- on a black hangar, not a francie hangar so not sure of age

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