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Go Green ideas for Lighthouse Point, FL

An ongoing list of my ideas for residents, businesses and the city to continually make LHP environmentally friendly by going green.
Create a Going Green CommitteeThe committee purpose is to foster ideas for Going Green within our city, determine the impact, examine methods of implementation, garner community support, and implement them. A lofty goal would be to have a measureable business and residential energy audit to start with, so that improvements could be measured. We have a small city that is a pretty neat microcosm; elements and processes could then be expanded to larger cities.
– Suggested green goals: reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce use of natural resources, reduce carbon footprint.
– Additional benefits: spur economic growth, including jobs

Host a Going Green Community Event.
Bring together 50-200 people to talk about innovative solutions for an inclusive green economy. The event includes a panel discussion and/or keynote presentation, and time to share thoughts with neighbors on local solutions.

Increase solar use
Reduce citywide water use
Create a community organic vegetable and fruit garden

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