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Lighthouse Point Election 2015 Candidates & Forum

Two seats are open this year. Seat 2 has been held by Mike Long since 1999. My how time flies! Becky is not running again. Earl Maucker automatically renews since no qualified candidates entered the race against him.



Glenn Troast*

City Commissioners

Commission President Earl Maucker, Seat #1**

Commission Vice President Becky Lysengen, Seat #3**

Commissioner Michael S. Long, Seat #2**

Commissioner Sandy Johnson, Seat #5*

Commissioner Kyle Van Buskirk, Seat #4*

* term of office expires March 2017
** term of office expires March 2015

The Lighthouse Point Chamber is hosting a bi-partisan Candidate Forum in advance of the March election. Taking place on February 25 from 6-8 p.m., the event will be held in the City of Lighthouse Point at Dixon Ahl Hall, 2200 NE 38 Street, Lighthouse Point.


Seat #2 – Tom Hasis OR Michael S. Long (Incumbent)

Seat #3 – Susie E. Gordon OR Jason Joffe OR Dominic “Nico” Romano

Tom Hasis, seat 2  http://tom4lhp.com/

A bit of 2012 election history:

  • About 2,550 voters turned out
  • City Commission Seat #1 : Tom Hasis lost to Earl Maucker by about 5% of votes.
  • Becky beat Susie Gordon by about 12%

Chip LaMarca of Lighthouse Point re-elected to County Commission

Chip LaMarca wins Broward County Commission again 2015
Congrats to Chip for winning in the recent election. His fresh approach to politics and vision for change is most welcome. Thanks for your hard work!

Official County Web page for Chip

Chips campaign web site http://electchip.com/
Chips campaign facebook https://www.facebook.com/ElectChipLaMarca

Lighthouse Point resident Chip LaMarca runs for Broward Comm

Chip LaMarca is a Candidate for Broward County Commission, District 4. Chip is currently a a Lighthouse Point Fl resident. He was raised in Broward, is a small business owner, Lighthouse Point City Commissioner, and charitable volunteer.

Chip’s been an asset to LHP as a commissioner and will be even more valuable at the County level where wiser thinking is needed to rein in spending.
Good Luck Chip!