Illegal aliens redefined and the impact on American Citizenship

The term Illegal Aliens was banned by Biden in April 2021. At the same time our borders are more porous than ever, evidenced by stories like MS-13 gang members repeatedly arrested multiple times in less than a year. How does this impact citizenship? Governing documents are filled with text about illegal aliens. Now officials have decided that the term is “mean” and “discriminatory”, regardless of accuracy. Illegal means against the law and Aliens means not of this place; Factually correct. Undocumented, unauthorized, and such do not accurately depict the situation for being in country illegally under various circumstances.

For example, a Customs Border Patrol press release February 16, 2022 is headlined “Ten Lost Migrants Rescued by Border Patrol Agents”. Further, the article then described them as undocumented migrants. This after CBP observed them cross the border and then went to go pick them up. In the past this would have been “10 illegal aliens apprehended”.

Historically, immigrants came to this country from all over the globe with a skill to earn a living, either spoke or committed to learn English, and had a desire to integrate into America and all that it entails. This is massively different than the current influx of huge numbers from the same country that do not have any of the above. Over $60B in remittances are sent back to their home countries every year. That’s money earned in our economy, but not used to build our economy. Instead, there is also a large cost of subsidized housing, food, and healthcare that taxpayers are responsible for. Everyone benefits if immigrants fill jobs Americans don’t want. but what happens when a business underpays and takes away jobs Americans do want? Democrats are outspoken. We will get you certain benefits and we expect loyalty in return, including to the extent that some states now allow illegal aliens to vote. Both parties have used immigration policy to their benefit, including flip flopping for and against depending on party needs.

How are Americans harmed by illegal entry?
– If you’re from the EU legally you have to prove you don’t have covid or else have a vaccination. These are our partners. The illegals have no rules.
– If you’re legally here, vaccine mandates have been imposed that illegals are not required to get.
– Illegals breaking law to get here
– Illegals breaking law to stay
– Illegals breaking law getting fake ID

All this law breaking and different rules is similar to what started the civil war. Some states decided they did not want to follow federal laws any more. The North enjoyed strong immigration with all classes living together; The South was entrenched in social order based on white supremacy.

Early citizenship goals including creating a society not be easily defined by binary:
– rich/poor
– oppressor/oppressed
– exploiter/exploited
– victimizer/victimized

Marxism socialism tries to exploit the above class conflict. We have massive migration without diversity, high skills, nor desire to assimilate. Citizenship enables people to create their own future. Current policies are not supporting a healthy future for our country.

Articles: Read the comments below the article. Only three at this writing, but it’s typical. For example, young adult spews standard narrative about creating resources for the vulnerable; legal immigrant says stop the nonsense and get in line.

Authors note: This article is not an opinion for or against immigration, but attempts to highlight problems associated with the current massive influx of illegal aliens along the southern border.