Seminole gambling pact

Gov Christ has been working diligently to make a deal with the Seminoles. Essentially, they’d get to expand gambling offerings and we’d be guaranteed $100M/yr ( at least in one discussion.

State Republicans are moving to block this deal. Wake up guys—

– You expanded gambling to 24 hrs/day at the tracks. Other than the lobbyists and their gang, who really wanted that? What good really comes when gambling from 4 am to 7 am? That’s beyond FUN and onto PROBLEM GAMBLING.
– You gave tracks gambling types that exceeded the Seminoles. Per federal law, the Seminoles are entitled now to also expand. You can’t stop it.

It’s time to make a deal. I’d like nothing better than a more controlled environment with more limitations on hours, even if it expands gambling classes. Plus, a lot of people prefer the Seminle venues. They are here, let’s make a deal and stop pandering to a few. They are going to get it and we can participate in the revenue stream or get shut out. Let’s act like good neighbors and make friends.

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