Folks this is the last chance to have any say in the upcoming budget and tax increase. Are you happy? Unhappy?

I urge you to CONTACT OUR CITY COMMISSIONERS AND MAYOR NOW before the hearing. If you can, please also attend the hearing. Stop whining and do something about it before it’s too late!

In my opinion, it’s too late to make any huge impact on the budget. So my goal is this. NO DOUBLE DIGIT  PROPERTY TAX INCREASE. Per the last post our city must create a budget with no more than 9% ad valorem tax increase. How do we do that? Our leaders must notify all employees that budgets are being cut. Ask for their help in choosing  OR TELL THEM BUDGET CUTS WILL BE ENACTED FOR THEM.

Everyone has a few dollars they can cut. EVERYONE. When management at a corporation says cuts must be made to achieve profit goals ‘CAN’T’ is not an option. We must accept nothing less.

Dear Mayor, City Commissioners and Finance Director:

Businesses are continually pinched for extra dollars from every direction. It’s time to STOP DOUBLE DIGIT PROPERTY TAX INCREASES in Lighthouse Point. This is an unfair tax burden that cannot be sustained.  I challenge you as our city leaders to cut the 2006-2007 budget to reflect a maximum ad valorem tax increase no greater than 9%. Anything less is not acceptable.

As a business owner I recognize that some expenses are not negotiable and the city is not the largest part of my property tax bill.  However, with proper oversight, I’m certain there are discretionary funds that can be eliminated or reduced.


John Smith

Blank Enterprises

3555 N. Federal Hwy.

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