Is Lifelock a good investment to protect your identity?

I saw a commercial on Lifelock, but it wasn’t until about the 3rd airing in an hour that I realized the guy was showing his ss#, not a telephone number on that truck as a big ad. I’d be scared of the challenge being laid out to those who look for this sort of opportunity.

Basically Lifelock guarantees your protection against identity theft including paying for lawyers etc up to $1,000,000, for an annual fee. Current promotion is $110/yr for one adult, and $25/yr per kid. $1600 for 10 years of service. I would imagine there will be future competition so prices will come down some over time. What are the odds you will face a problem in the next 10 years?

If the company has financials to support it, and it’s as easy as making a phone call, the $1,000,000 protection for identity theft fraud seems worth it. I’m not sure what they do that is different than you could do yourself for free. The key is – does anyone do it ? (The oil change analogy on their web site.) I started using a monitoring service years ago and sort of felt like I wasted my money- like they say, it is reactive, not proactive. And I don’t have time to do everything I need to on my ‘to do’ list so this is one that goes by the wayside. In essence- I am the perfect candidate.

I always google a company I am considering doing business with. This is the most interesting article The Very Organized Hit Job On LifeLock I found which made me even more interested in the service.

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