sign ordinance 2

OK I read another article and others points of view. Yes, there are some comments about clutter etc. I don’t get one real estate office’s objection to open house signs. I did not buy my house from an open house, but I did buy it based on seeing the sign in the back (waterfront) yard. I knew where I wanted to buy & kept cruising around looking for a house in that area. This was pre-internet days, but it would not have made a whole lot of difference. I was not an LHP resident so did not really know all the pros/cons of each street.
One of the problems I have is that almost every realtors signs are illegal under the new plan. So is LHP creating a new industry standard for real estate signs? This seems a bit much.
On a positive note, as I traveled aroud the city this weekend, I did notice a difference in the signage which was no longer at the edge of the road. Set further back into yards, they were still easy to see and made the overall appearance of our streets nicer:).

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