City of LHP sign ordinance

Did you read the Observer 9/15/2005 “Which of these signs doesn’t belong? “. This is regarding the new sign ordinance. In an embarrassing moment I tried to participate in the August meeting which I read about in the paper as being an ‘open discussion’, but I was mistaken. It was open for discussion for city commissioners only. After 2 hours and the agenda incomplete, I could not wait any longer for the opportunity given to residents after the official meeting is over. There were 2 realtors in attendance that I knew. I don’t know if they wanted to speak up or ever got a chance to.

It seems to me this ordinance was clearly politically motivated and or influenced by few to affect many. Last election there was published talk of too many political signs in people’s yards. As I recall (maybe correctly, maybe not), there were some modifications to our city’s rules in recent years so that political signs could only be up for so many days and must be taken down within x number of days after the election.

When I first read the ordinance I knew it was too constricting. If you see the photos you’ll probably agree it went too far. Hardly anyone can conform and still achieve their goal – help people find something whether it be a house or otherwise. I don’t know about you, but from time to time I ride around looking for real estate open house & garage sale signs so I can stop in. Yes, on occasion there are those who don’t take them down. But I think the vast majority do. You know what would be better than a restrictive ordinance for a puny problem? How about the beautification committee corral up some extra volunteers. Once a month cruise around on bikes & electric cars and remove the offensive signs. Maybe even talk to the homeowner (if applicable) where the sign was located & give a little handout requesting their assistance in keeping the city beautiful.

Heck, if you repeal the sign ordinance, I’ll even volunteer! We need to stop creating more rules and create a more neighborly city:)

PS I have no interests other than personal freedom in this ordinance. I am not a realtor, and never spoke to a realtor about it, but other than politicians, I think they’ll be the most affected by it.

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