Lighthouse Point Florida crime alerts

There was a great editorial from mayor Fred Schorr recently in a local magazine. One of the announcements was about the City of Lighthouse Point Crime Mapping, and the system to alert you to crimes that are happening in and around Lighthouse Point.

At homeowners can passively look at crime in the neighborhood by entering their address and then looking at the crime markers. City of Lighthouse Point Crime Mapping is made possible by our police department participating in the program to report crime data. If you have a computer mouse with a roller ball/ scroll button, after entering your address at crime reports, you can zoom in and out on the map just by using your mouse scroll button. The map also shows where registered sexual offenders live.

On that subject, I am relieved to learn that Troy Meixner, a registered sex offender formerly in the Marina Drive neighborhood, was INCARCERATED 12/2/09 with a Life Sentence. A list of Lighthouse Point registered sex offenders is on our local police web site. See If you have kids, print the photo page and put it in your kitchen, maybe on an inside kitchen cabinet door, so you get familiar with them. You may think this is a bit much, but trust me, it’s not! The Lighthouse Point Police web page should not be relied upon for having the most up to date information. Use the link to the state maintained sex offenders list to search for any updates.

Another new service is automated alerts sent via email for certain types of crimes or investigations in progress. Ever wonder why there is a helicopter circling overhead? Now you can get proactive alerts. At click on the orange “create alert/update” tab in the upper right and enter the requested information.

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