Lighthouse Point Fl property taxes 2010

Lighthouse Point held a public hearing regarding the proposed property tax rate in 2010. The basic proposed millage rate per $1000 is 3.6188, the same as last year, despite a $200,000,000 drop in taxable value of real property for operating purposes. The property values are determined by the Broward County Property appraiser.

Kudos to Lighthouse Point for being able to hold the line for this particular item. As many people know, most of the property taxes we pay though are Broward County taxes, including Broward County Schools. They’re still trying to find ways to trim the budget. Surely there will be a hike, but how much is yet to be determined.

For those with inquisitive minds, the per property value drop is in the $20,000 range according to the property appraiser numbers. I have no idea how accurate the data on this source is, but I pulled this data off Yahoo real estate web site. I find that many sites lump LHP data into Pompano because of a shared zip code. The last city meeting I attended there were only a handful of foreclosures so this number below seems quite high.

Lighthouse Point, FL Real Estate Market Snapshot
updated Monday, September 13, 2010
Listing Type Number Median Price Price Change
from Aug
Homes for Sale 221 $529,000 -11.8%
New Homes 0 n/a n/a
Foreclosures 195 $323,000 -0.9%

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