LHP monthly minutes

About a year ago I complained that it was hard to keep up with what was going on in the city because they deleted each meeting agenda when the next was posted. So unless you checked in weekly and downloaded the PDF’s, you were unlikely to know what was happening.
Additionally, so many cities made it simple to read the PDF online, why did we need to have everyone download it?
Of course we could all read the Observer… except that many travel or don’t get it.
I’m not sure when the change was finally made- post hurricane Wilma I believe, but now you can get all the meeting minutes whenever you want!

Sorry- only 2005 and earlier showing at this time. I contacted the city and they immediately responded it would be fixed in a few days.

As a side note. Did this happen because I asked? How many voices does it take to get action? This was an obvious need, but are our city commissioners too quick to act when only a few request changes in other areas? (The Sample Road project?)

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