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I’ve always wanted solar power at my home. I’m a greenie at heart. But after research and discussing with a good friend and financial advisor, I realized financially it was not a good idea. So how much am I willing to spend to be green?
Apparently not the $15,000 plus to purchase and install panels. Oops_ I just read the latest prices. That will only get you partial power these days. To fully power your home it could be up to $50,000, including installation.

After last years long power outage, I’ve wanted to explore solar options again. At least for short term use. I have no desire to put in a noisy generator requiring expensive gasoline that I would need to seek out during times when travel is unsafe and lines are long.

Here are some I’m looking at and their online store
It looks like they might have what I want “alternative for noisy diesel and gas generators”, but they really should offer a better comparison of what kind of output we might expect i.e. 1 hour of 25 amp power?
Easily this could run lights and an electric grill or skillet.

This site has Federal incentives specific to Florida for solar
Basically solar energy systems have been exempt from Florida’s sales and use tax since July 1, 1997. FPL does not offer any incentives, though another utility company does. Areas like Marin County in California offer varying rebates depending on the system installed.

Home Power magazine is a great resource to bone up on solar

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