remove junk food from schools

This is another hot topic going around since the removal of soda’s. Should we remove cookies, chips and all the other junk food too?

I’m probably going to take the wrong side on this one. I think they should remain. In addition to being unrealistic in today’s society, I don’t have a real problem with any of those things in moderation.

Example 1: True story- this 9 year old girl had a soda, a bag of tortilla chips, and chip dip every day for school lunch. She brought it to school in a brown paper bag.

Example 2: True story- this 9 year old had a peanut butter or turkey/cheese sandwhich on potato bread, fresh fruit (banana’s, grapes, strawberries etc), some chips ( not a whole bag), and either yogurt or milk each day. Once or twice a week a dessert- homemade cookie, ice cream etc.

Neither kid had a weight problem. I think we’d all agree Example one is troublesome for a growing child. But is it really a problem for the 2nd one to have some chips or dessert? My feeling is if the kid commits to eating the essentials (including vegetables) then it’s OK to have the other stuff in moderation too.

It’s important for the kids to know what the right choices are and the schools teach that, in addition to whatever parents teach at home. It’s also important for them to learn to make the right choices. Yoyo dieters who lose weight gain back more than they lost because when their diet is over they go back and eat all their favorite foods they denied themselves. Let’s not turn our kids into dieters, but instead give them the knowledge they need and then lead by example.

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