Lighthouse Point city elections- date to register to run passes

I was VERY disappointed to read this local publication notice (received on or about 11/21/07)- “Candidates for the office of mayor or commissioner must announce their candidacy with the City Clerk…by November 16, 2007.”
It further states the Fred Schorr registered to re-run for Mayor, and Sandy Johnson for Commissioner. Chip LaMarca’s commission spot expires Feb 2008. So we have an open spot with nobody running? Did anybody know we had these specific local government elections coming?

How could this have passed without notice? I did some checking.
1. The web site does not list what years elections run in. Logically, it should be here
2. The mayors message- October 2007- mailed to every home in LHP (assuming taxpayers cost) makes no mention of the upcoming election. Personally, I think the City has an obligation to put this information in the quarterly newsletter.
3. There does not appear to be November meeting minutes posted online, however I think they mixed up the agenda detail with meeting minutes. There is no reference to the local election subject in any October or November meeting.
4. I did a Google search and found the City web page on elections: “There was only one candidate that filed by the November 16, 2007 deadline for each of the open elected positions. Therefore, Mayor Fred Schorr, Commissioner Chip LaMarca, and Commissioner Sandy Johnson are re-elected to their positions.”
After further searching, I finally found the link- ELECTIONS- is right under the bus schedule. Oops.

Do you think the mayor had an obligation to notify the public in the quarterly newsletter of upcoming election information?

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