Obama friendly choice for unions

There’s been lots of talk about Obama doing nothing much to move any major initiatives during his tenure as a senator. A democratic house, senate, and Presidency will change the laws that are approved. Before you vote Obama, consider the implications.

Obama has been quiet about the source of his campaign funding. I don’t know anything much about that, other than reportedly he has taken double and triple the donations as McCain from Wall Street businesses. I would expect the same of unions, which traditionally back any candidate that supports their initiatives. But are their goals the best for our country? Read on.

Here’s an important message from my good friend Barb:
“This is exactly what brought down the largest corporations in America – GM, Chrysler, Eastern Airlines, and have made American goods too expensive to compete in a global economy. And this liberal wants to give them a much larger hold on the country, ensuring that we will never compete in a global economy. 

These O followers must be unbelievably stupid to not see how that is going to cost hundreds of thousand of jobs, and close businesses across the country. If they can’t see the reason for the layoff now, I guess they will just have to experience it for themselves. But it is doubtful that the “factory mentality” worker will really see the reason for the downfall of these businesses – way to high labor costs crippling any competitive edge that the business might create.

We will just all have to own our own businesses, with no employees.

Attached is a summary (an article from yesterday’s WSJ) of what will happen when the Socialists gets into power. Spread the word!”

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