Lighthouse Point restaurants in Zagat South Florida

Zagat is updating their Miami South Florida 2009 restaurant guidebook. After entering your reviews, you can get a free book when it comes out, or a 90 day online subscription.

Rate and review your favorite (and not so favorite) spots. Be sure to add your “write in: votes for Lighthouse Point restaurants, most of which are not listed. Even write in votes will count towards your total votes for the book, so write them in and let’s get Lighthouse Point restaurants the attention they deserve.

Have you ever traveled and checked Zagat’s before you left to choose a few great restaurants you wanted to visit? Getting in Zagat’s could really boost our local restaurants revenues, help keep them in business, and boost local employment.

click here to enter your Zagat’s south florida restaurant reviews through June 10, 2009.

here is a partial list of Lighthouse Point restaurants in no particular order:
Seafood World Market & Restaurant –
Le Bistro Restaurant – – (954) 946-9240
Cap’s Place Island – – (954) 941-0418
Gaucho Rodizio – – (954) 784-7667
Sicilian Oven
Federal Grill
Bonefish Mac’s Sports Bar & Grill
Kostas Greek Eatery
Red Fox Diner
Skipper’s Ice Cream Cafe
John L Sullivan’s
Dockside Galley Grille

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