The Case Against Immigration book review

I read The Case against Immigration by Roy Beck last summer, when I spotted it on the featured new books at the West Irondequoit public library. Like all books that take a position on a polarizing topic, I read with caution, knowing that just because something is in print, doesn’t make it true.

This book has so many factual references, some of which I actually checked out, I’m of the opinion that the book is by and large based on fact, not fantasy data. That’s not to say there may not be some bias or stretching, but overall, in my opinion this book is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about our immigration problems and how to fix them.

Contrary to it’s title, the book is not totally against immigration, rather there is a need to change what’s going on with immigration in our country today. A lot of excellent points are made, though I don’t think we could nor should implement them all. But in 20 years of attempts, congress has failed to pass any legislation. It’s time to take some steps. Forget about total reform. Pass something, anything that will improve the situation. Enforce the laws on the books. Painful as it may be, we have to start somewhere because I think everyone agrees, we cannot continue on the same path we are today, due to economic and security ramifications.

Here’s a PDF download preview of The Case Against Immigration by Roy Beck.

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