Indian gaming

Bush just announced the end of talks with Indians about gaming. Years ago Bush had a choice about making a compact with the indians to allow additional gaming types and negotiate a share of the pie. They were not obligated to give the state anything, but I believe they would have given a decent share in order to prevent other gambling venues to open up. In fact, they have been quoted as saying they would share the profits. I would rather take a smaller share of profit and limit expansion, wouldn’t you?
But Bush is anti-gambling. He wouldn’t negotiate. So slots were voted in and we’ll have more gambling locations than ever in South Florida. Oh, and under federal law, the Indians can expand their gambling to match the other gambling. Whammy again. The Indians have taken their case to federal court where I’m certain they will win. If they do, they don’t have to share any profits with the state at all.
So you tell me Jeb- is it better to take a hard line and lose or better to negotiate and bring in money to the state? Because in the last 24 months, I have not read one comment that says they won’t win their case. You opened the door for gambling expansion and now you owe it to us to do a better leadership job.

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