Marina Dr

Is anyone else disgusted with the paving job on Marina Dr.? The east/north bound lane was repaved after being dug up for new pipes sometime in the last few years. The trench went down 26 Ave and around the isle. I complained after the repaving and was told it was only temporary that they were going to have to dig it again. I think that was not true. In any case, the condition is deplorable. Try riding your bike down that lane and you’ll feel over 1000 bumps. It’s ridiculous.

I want Marina Drive and NE 26 Ave (south off Marina) repaved.

2nd issue: the sidewak on Marina Dr., 2 houses in from Lighthouse Dr. The sidewalk was removed by the builder I would guess 3 years ago. I see no end in sight for the building completion and sidewalk replacement. How long do we have to wait? Is it possible to put it back in now? This has long presented a safety hazard for kids on bikes as they are forced to pop out onto Marina drive, walk through heavy dirt and mud, or risk a spill trying to force their bikes through it. I cringe every time I’m with my kids and we go through that area.

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