save our oceans and reefs

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Our reefs and oceans are being assaulted in ways many thought not possible. But decades of over polluting and uncontrolled ocean dumping have taken their toll.

In Florida the red tides (gulf coast) send people inside due to allergy problems and make the water unusable for water sports. Our reefs are dying from diseases. Fish are losing their habitats. Our coasts are a critical part of the Florida economy, a pleasure to experience, and important to the world eco-balance.
What are we doing to ensure the natural pleasures of the ocean and gulf for the future? We just opened the gulf for offshore drilling expansion, without a single item for improving fuel economy being addressed by congress. Some one-third of our primary energy consumption is used to transport people and goods. Before we further deteriorate our natural resources, I think we should at least pay some attention to improving energy consumption. Then we can make logical decisions about consumption planning and drilling.
In southeast Florida our partially untreated sewage is dumped into the ocean via big pipes that go offshore. 400 million gallons per day!!! We cannot continue to dump irresponsibly like this and not expect to have zero repercussions. Let’s take some of the federal construction dollars ( another article “America is under constuction’ to come) being spent and use them for creating proper water treatment solutions before dumping into our oceans. Oh, and we might want to explore ways to reduce water consumption and educate consumers, builders, and corporations on how they can use them.

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